Happy Wednesday! Today is a day of showing off. Hello Chick Lit is revealing the cover for my debut novel, SUMMERS AT GUTH LAKE, over on their blog. Swing over, check it out, and enter the giveaway!! Then there’s this…Surprise!!


Do you see that? That cute house in the pics above? That will be mine in JUNE!!! Happy Birthday to me! I have never been more excited to purchase a home in my life (and in my almost 34 years, I’ve done this a few times already). This house, though? It’s my dream home. My actual dream home!!

In high school and college, I worked at a real estate company and the owners had a sister building company. I helped design the marketing materials for our new townhome development (well, new in the early 2000s) and have always wanted to purchase one of the homes. FINALLY, one fell into my lap and I couldn’t say no!!

The few pics above don’t do the house justice. There are four bedrooms, three and a half baths, a full basement, a gorgeous master suite, a built-in desk upstairs, an adorable built-in bookshelf in the stairwell, a cozy kitchen, and so much more. I’ll even have a real office and a library! AND a dedicated craft space! When the time comes that I’m finally settled, I’ll do a home tour video so y’all can love my house too! 😉