Last night, I deleted my Kindle apps from my iPhone and iPad. 


~ Says anyone reading this post

Six weeks after writing a post about loving the Kindle iOS apps, I wiped them from my devices.

Why would one do such a thing? I’ve acquired a bad case of distracted reading. I used to read on my Kindle Paperwhite and would devour books because I didn’t have the distractions of social media and games. Last night, I crawled into bed, grabbed my iPad and started playing a game instead of reading a book for a tour. Fortunately, earlier in the evening, I’d found my Kindle and plugged that baby in to do the “required update” from Amazon so it wouldn’t be rendered useless and become a paperweight—instead of a Paperwhite. Heh. I’m funny. 😉 After said update was complete and I reset my device—I was running out of room, clean slate, and all—I synced my collections, wiped out the iOS apps, and didn’t look back. Except to write this post, of course.

I must say, it felt quite…freeing. I spent two hours reading without distraction and flew through about 100 pages! I now remember what being a true bookworm is like.

So this brings up a question for all of you. How do you stay focused when reading? Blogging? Writing? Studying? Leave a comment below. I need more ways to continue down this new path of less distraction.