As an avid reader and woman on-the-go, I need to have books with me. Everywhere. What bookworm doesn’t? One of my most used reading apps is the Kindle for iOS devices. The only place it isn’t used is when I’m driving. (Because, eyes on the road, people!)

There are some pretty awesome features in the Kindle for iOS apps.

Whispersync for Books

Whispersync is one of the best inventions and is standard on ALL Kindle apps and devices. Start a book on the iPad, switch to iPhone on a break at work, and then the Kindle Paperwhite without losing my place? Yes, please!

Whispersync for Books allows you to stop reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another device, as long as both devices are registered to the same Amazon account. Whispersync for Books is enabled by default.

Whispersync allows you to view the bookmarks, highlights, and notes that were created on other devices registered to the same Amazon account. Additionally, Whispersync automatically syncs your last page read and annotations for personal documents that are converted to Kindle format.

Source: Help: Sync Across Fire & Kindle Devices and Apps

Audiobook Companions

I’m not sure when this was added, but there is an “Audiobook Companions” option in the app menu! This view will show you the audiobook version of the Kindle ebooks that you own. If you have thousands like I do, it isn’t fun to scroll to find a certain book, but it’s great for finding a new book to listen to.

When you have the ebook and audiobook, Whispersync keeps your reading and listening synced too. Seriously amazing when you switch between the devices often.

Add narration to your Kindle books and switch seamlessly between reading and listening. Best of all, you’ll never lose your place. Whether you’re commuting, at the gym or doing chores around the house – listen to your books when you can’t sit down and read.

Source: Kindle Books with Narration (affiliate link)


Collections are like folders for your Kindle books. I’m an organizing nut so when I heard about this, I had to implement a new process. While my collections drastically need to be updated, I can easily see what books are in the queue on any device. Your collections and their contents sync, but you will need to download the book on each device if you wish to read on multiple.

IMG_2566Review the Book

I don’t use this feature because I write my reviews a bit after reading (ok, a long time after reading) but it’s worth mentioning because reviews are helpful for other readers and the author! (Even a short review of “I liked this book because…ABC XYZ.” is better than nothing!!)

When you finish a book, you get a prompt to post a review on Amazon and Goodreads and recommend the book to a friend. I may have to start using this more often. You’ll also see suggestions of what to read next. (Hi Phoebe Fox and Whitney Dineen!!)

Missing Features

While writing this post, I can only think of one negative to the app. Not being able to purchase books in the app itself if they aren’t part of KindleUnlimited. You have the option to download a sample or add to your wish list. That means going to your mobile browser, searching for the book, buy–oh look! SQUIRREL!–and I forget to buy the book. (If I think of more, I’ll edit the post.)


Do you use the Kindle iPhone or iPad app? Do you use a different device? How does it compare to the screencaps I shared? Leave a comment. I’m only Apple-tech-savvy so learning about other devices is a good thing. Help a reader out!

Shout out to my super amazing author friend, Becky Monson, for letting me use her book, Speak Now, as an example in this post! As an added treat, Speak Now is 99¢ today! Grab the ebook and audiobook for less than $5 total!! (The audiobook shows full price, but you can add the audio version for super cheap when you purchase the ebook.)