We are 22 days into Camp NaNoWriMo and will say that it’s a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I’ve had a few 1,000+ word days, but that’s all. A few days of writing. There should be at least 21 days by now. I am currently sitting at exactly 4,000 words. My word count goal was is 25,000. Can I change it to 25,000 characters? Including spaces? Because I’m almost there!!


I’m kidding. Actually, I’m really enjoying this writing thing and the little bit of feedback that I’ve received has been favorable. I had a stroke of genius yesterday that has inspired this little update. A series was outlined a couple of weeks ago based on the few story ideas I had prior to Camp NaNo. I was set on keeping the female lead the same and tell her story, but was unsure how to connect the three stories. Yesterday, that light bulb lit up like the Christmas tree in Times Square and I all but squealed! I won’t  share any snippets yet, but rest assured, you’ll get the first peek here soon!!

<3 Karan