Chick Lit Rocks!!! with Maggie Le Page

From Karan: Some of you know that I manage a band. If not, hey! Guess what!? Anyway, my life pretty much consists of music, books, and people in my music and book worlds so today’s post is really fun for me! The band I manage is a local Country band. Classic Country and Red Dirt–not the radio stuff–are my favorite, but I’m thinking I need to branch out a bit now. Very happy to host the beautiful world traveller, Maggie Le Page, again today and she’s got some great songs in her playlist for her more recent release, THE TROUBLE WITH DYING!!!

Playlist for The Trouble With Dying

Song 1 – “Wake Me Up” by Avicii – Faith wakes up on the ceiling looking down on her body in a coma.

Song 2 – “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen – a friend sets up an ipad and speakers at Faith’s bedside and plays her favourite song.

Song 3 – “The Scientist” by Coldplay – Faith remembers snippets of her past with a very special man.

Song 4 – “By The Way” by Red Hot Chili Peppers – Faith remembers listening to this song as a teen; a significant memory for her.

Song 5 – “Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi – things aren’t going well for Faith . . .

Song 6 – “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri – Faith admits to herself that, through everything that happened, she still loves him. Who? Read The Trouble With Dying and find out!

Song 7 – “Say Something” by A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera – Faith realises what a fool she has been, falling in love all over again with a man who isn’t good for her.

Song 8 – “Stay” by Rihanna – will Faith live happily ever after? Will she live, full stop? This is the theme song for The Trouble With Dying.

From Karan: We do things a little differently here at HPB and put everything into one video playlist. Because…why not?? Enjoy!!! (There’s a giveaway below, so be sure to scroll down after you recover from these amazing songs and videos!!)

Blurb – The Trouble With Dying

When Faith Carson wakes up on a hospital ceiling looking down on her body in a coma, it’s a bad start to the week. A very bad start. She has no idea who she is or how she got there or why, and the biggest mystery of all is why she married the schmuck who wants her ventilator switched off.

As if that’s not enough Faith has a dead gran haunting her, a young daughter missing her, and one devilishly delicious man making her wish she could have a second chance at life. And maybe she can, if she finds a way back into her body and wakes up by Friday. But if she doesn’t, this will be her last bad week—ever.

Nate Sutherland decided long ago he’d settle for friendship if he couldn’t have Faith’s heart. But now, as she nears death, he’s going to have to listen to his feelings in a whole new way—and act. Because if he doesn’t, this week will be the worst damn week of his life. He’ll lose everything he’s ever loved.




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