Cover reveal violet


Happy Friday evening, lovelies!! I’ve got this beautiful cover to show y’all! My darling Aussie friend, Suzie Jay, shared her brand new cover for her upcoming release tonight and has allowed me to share with you also! Check it!! Walk on the Wild Side: The Reinvention of Violet Monte releases next month and I am SOOOOOO excited! Read the blurb below so you can be excited too!

Violet Monte believed her love and marriage would last a lifetime–until she catches her husband in bed with a younger woman.

When she realizes she was nothing more than a trophy wife, Violet decides to chase her own dreams. The only problem is, she has no idea what they are. Violet begins to pursue her own interests which sometime include spying on her mysterious neighbor, who might actually be a lady of the night.

Just as Violet is finding stability–– and the possibility of opening her heart again–– her husband returns not with an apology, but with a signed pre-nuptial agreement, claiming he’ll keep everything and leave her with nothing.

Violet is far from the compliant woman he once knew but she doubts she has the strength to fight and win, until her intriguing neighbor unlocks what Violet has been looking for all along.

Can Violet fight back from a lost love and reinvent herself into the person she always wanted to be or will she forever be just an ex-trophy wife?

I mean, come on! Does that not sound ah-mazing!?! Suzie, I waiting very impatiently over here in rainy Minnesota!! <3