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Book Review || Carol Maloney Scott – Nobody Tells Lia AnythingNobody Tells Lia Anything by Carol Maloney Scott
Series: Spooky Matchmakers #1
Published by Carol Maloney Scott on May 23, 2019
Genres: Paranormal Chick Lit

Lia needs ANSWERS from beyond, NOT matchmaking!

When twenty-something Lia’s grandmother dies, her life is knocked upside-down. In order to satisfy the terms of her inheritance, Lia is forced to move to the family’s apartment complex in the scenic mountain town of Applebarrow, leaving behind her dead-end job and long-term boyfriend, Jason. While she’s happy to fulfill her Granana’s unusual dying wish to play social director to the eclectic group of tenants, she’s surprised to discover they are not what she was expecting.

Her days as an RA in her college dorm were inadequate preparation for personalities such as a jealous librarian who names her Thanksgiving turkeys, a charmingly naive mechanic who thinks New Wave is beach music, and a volatile menopausal woman who claims to be a delicate flower.

To add to the mayhem, she meets Logan, an attractive young bartender with a penchant for rescuing her from absurd antics, such as losing her phone to a raccoon and thinking Long Island Iced Teas contain little alcohol. As Jason’s behavior becomes increasingly suspicious and erratic, Lia can’t help being drawn to Logan’s thoughtfulness, wit, and intense blue eyes.

As she adapts to her new community, secrets and lies emerge, and Lia wonders what the deceased, AND living, people in her life are hiding. Working to uncover the evidence, Lia hopes a wacky, unexpected visitor from beyond will provide the answers she craves – before she loses her grip on reality, and the love of her life.

As y’all may know, I’m a sucker for chick lit, cozies, and light paranormal books so I was excited when Carol Maloney Scott announced her new paranormal chick lit book, NOBODY TELLS LIA ANYTHING! I loved the idea of Granana playing matchmaker—she was probably my favorite character—and while there were some predictable moments, there were definitely a few things that kept me guessing right up until the end! The cast of secondary characters were a hoot as well. Would love if they were my neighbors! If you’re looking for a light chick lit read with a little love triangle, crazy neighbors, and a ghostly Granana, go snag your copy now!

About Carol Maloney Scott

Carol Maloney Scott, author of the Rom-Com on the Edge series, is a frazzled new bride and wiener dog fanatic. She is a lover of donuts, and a hater mornings. Recently unearthing a childhood passion for writing, she can once again be seen carrying around a notebook and staring into space. Her stories are witty, fresh and real, just like life.

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