Book Review | Holly Kerr - The Best Worst First Date Ever

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Book Review | Holly Kerr – The Best Worst First Date EverThe Best Worst First Date Ever by Holly Kerr
Series: Charlotte Dodd #2
Published by Three Birds Press on October 23, 2017
Genres: Chick Lit

The adventures of Charlotte Dodd continue with The Best Worst First Date Ever.

Tenley Scott is a single mother and owner of Soup du Jour. She’s full of nervous excitement for her date with Colin, the handsome Brit who’s been hanging around the café.

She’s expecting casual conversation over drinks. Maybe dinner. Possibly a second date.

Not crazed ex-girlfriends, armed thugs, car crashes and a kidnapping. Worst date ever.

And then Tenley finds out about NIAA, the Canadian secret spy organization. Hello, Charlotte Dodd.

In a move out of a sci-fi movie, Charlotte’s missing memories are implanted into Tenley’s mind, giving Tenley top secret information about the Agency, dangerous spy missions and Charlotte’s love, Hamilton Short. Now it’s a race to keep Tenley out of the hands of those who want the information and to find a way to get Charlotte out of her head.

It’s been a while since Tenley’s been on a date, but this date turns out worse – and better- than she ever expected!

I’m usually a stickler for reading a series in order, but jumped into this one in the middle. Not having read the short story prequel and first book in the series, I’m sure I’ve missed a few things, but Holly did a decent job filling in some of the back story. I wasn’t completely lost though I’m definitely going to go back and read the previous two because I’ve got a ton of questions swirling around in my brain.

That said, I loved meeting Tenley, Charlotte, and the rest of the cast of characters, and the concept of a Chick Lit Adventure story is genius. The action was fast paced making this an easy read to get sucked into. My trusty iPad read the book to me at super speed, and I’m almost wishing I’d read it without so the book lasted a bit longer. Fortunately, I do have the prequel and book one to read now and can’t wait to do so.

Kudos to Holly on a great storyline! I’m excited to see what book three brings!

About Holly Kerr

Holly Kerr writes books people enjoy. All her books feature strong women who aren’t afraid to go after what they want, from her early rom-com (Unexpecting), women’s fiction (Coming Home) and chick lit (Absinthe Doesn’t Make the Heart Grow Fonder). For her latest books, she’s taken her hidden fantasy of being a super-hero and mixed it into chick lit to come up with the Charlotte Dodd series about a secret agent who loses her memory.

The second book in the series is The Best Worst First Date Ever, and introduces single mom Tenley Scott and her date into the secret spy world of Charlotte Dodd. Coming up with a title for the third book is proving to be harder than fighting Benjy and the bad guys, but look for it coming soon.