[Book Review] S.A. Starcevic – UntouchableUntouchable by S.A. Starcevic
Series: Untouchable #1
Published by Forever More Publishing on June 18, 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy

Unlike most people, Ethan Elliot never wanted to be a superhero. Nevertheless, when his powers flare up to save his life—and the lives of innocents—he has no choice in the matter. Plunged into a world of capes, costumes and derring-do, he’ll do what it takes to succeed. Even if that means casting away his old life to become someone else. Maybe even someone better…

Last year, I received an email from an author who was releasing his debut short story and needed a promo company to help at the last minute. I did what I could with the time I had and when the book released, I snapped it up and read it fast.

Aussie author S.A. Starcevic’s first Teen/YA/Urban Fantasy/Superhero short story with an LGBT romance twist, UNTOUCHABLE, is a quick and amazing read. It was easy to get inside the head of the main character and narrator, Ethan, as he discovered his new life as a teen superhero. Think Lizzie McQuire, but teen boy instead. And so much better…because SUPERHEROES!!

Starcevic just released UNMASKED, the follow up to UNTOUCHABLE, and I just finished! Review up soon.