Review & Giveaway: Tracy Krimmer - Jay Walking

Review & Giveaway: Tracy Krimmer – Jay WalkingJay Walking by Tracy Krimmer
Series: Pastime Pursuits #2
Published by Self Published on August 4, 2015
Genres: Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance

Chelsea Wyatt, a single mom trying to build a life for her and her son, is sick of the body she sees in the mirror. A daily diet of Cookie Crisp cereal is not doing wonders for her mood or her figure, and it’s time for a change. Setting out to get fit, she commits herself to a daily walking plan, forcing herself to give up her all-sugar and carb diet, a difficult task at her donut obsessed job.

But her plan goes sideways when a stumble on the ice puts her in the arms of Jay, an attractive young man out on a run. They grab coffee together, and Chelsea finds herself thinking about him long after their short meeting. The thought of dating again hadn’t crossed her mind in years, and she doesn’t even know if Jay is available, or if he would be interested in her despite her unfit body.

Just when she has a handle on her new routine, her past catches up with her, throwing her blossoming relationship with Jay and the rest of her life into chaos. Can Chelsea hold onto the people she loves most, or will a wrong turn set her up for failure?

Hellooooo! Today is my stop on Tracy Krimmer’s JAY WALKING blog tour and I’ve got a review and giveaway!! (#34DaysOfGiveaways will resume next week. I promise I haven’t forgotten!! Just a major minor glitch in the personal life that is now fixed.)

We all know that I’m a HUGE fan of Tracy’s. She was one of the first authors that I met when I started blogging a year and a half ago (holy crap!) and it has been an honor to read all of her books and watch her writing get better with each! (Not to say she wasn’t amazing to begin with, but we all grow as we learn, right?)

Working Out2

Hee!!! I love that scene! JAY WALKING‘s predecessor, CACHING IN, is one of my favorite books. You can find that review here. Chelsea first makes her appearance in CI as best friend of the heroine, Ally Couper. We got to know Chelsea a bit and follow the demise of her very one-sided relationship with her soon-to-be-born baby’s father. We end with baby James making his appearance. Baby!!!

Fast forward a couple of years. It’s Chelsea’s turn for the spotlight and Tracy did an outstanding job showing us the new Chelsea and sweet toddler, James! When Tracy announced that she was writing Chelsea’s story, I was ecstatic. I mean, there’s a baby. We need to see it grow up a little bit, right? I needed to see if being a momma changed Chelsea at all too. She was slightly…I don’t want to say “unlikable”, that’s not it…annoying(?)…ahh, immature. Would do whatever she needed and that included stepping on a friend. It was nice to see a more mature Chelsea.

Her new relationship wasn’t so terrible to “witness” either. Jay (fit, eligible doctor) was, overall, a decent guy. I won’t do the spoiler thing, but if I was there, I would have smacked him upside the head a couple of times. *sigh* Men!

I started and finished JAY WALKING on Sunday night. Yes, Sunday night. No, I could not put it down.  You will probably have trouble doing that as well, so I recommend leaving an entire afternoon/evening open. 🙂 It won’t seem like much time has gone by when you’re done. Promise!

Are you ever inspired by a character in a book? We’re almost to the end…bit of a personal moment here. You can skip if you wish. For over a year, I’ve been saying that I’m going to lose some weight. Just over a year ago, I hired a virtual trainer whom I absolutely adore and then threw out my back getting string cheese out of the fridge drawer. Yup. You read that right. String cheese did me in. Out of commission for almost two weeks (major ouch) and still visit the chiropractor at least once a month. I’ve since tweaked another spot in my back and last week, somehow, I subjugated a rib. I’m not sure which hurt more. I’ve been scared to do too much activity-wise since the injury last year and it really shows now. I also sit at a desk all day and most of the evening. Call me lazy. Ha! So. Thank you to Tracy and Chelsea for lighting a little fire. I will be purchasing a treadmill as soon as I am able and my dad and I are building a desk for it so I can walk while I work and read!! #GoMe!!

Now. I know Tracy will read this, so I’m going to ask her here…What’s next in the Pastime Pursuits collection?? Give the HPB’ers a sneak peek!!!

Tracy is giving away a PRINT copy of CACHING IN(!!!!) and a Wilson sweatband! Get your walk on in style! Good luck!


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