Review: Laurie Baxter – Veronica Mars – the TV series: Caller IDVeronica Mars - the TV series: Caller ID by Laurie Baxter
Published by Amazon Digital Services, Inc on March 3, 2015
Genres: Mystery

When it looks like someone may be harassing Madison Sinclair via text, Veronica is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Veronica grapples with her new and mystifying relationship with Logan, while Keith and Wallace wonder where she’s been disappearing to lately.

This story takes place during season one of the Veronica Mars TV series, between episodes 19 and 20.

Someone grab the calendar and put a big ol’ circle around this week. TWO REVIEWS in one week? That’s nearly unheard of in these parts lately!

So I’ve heard mention of Kindle Worlds before but never explored. Tonight, a good friend of mine, Laurie Baxter, announced in our book club that she JUST released her FIRST BOOK through KW. A VERONICA MARS(!!!!!) novella. Shut. Up. I jumped on it. I’m not even kidding you. Pretty sure this was my reaction…

Ok maybe not, because if you’ve even just met me, you’ll know that I would never do that. But I did put off finishing Facebook and Twitter covers for an author (sorry, sorry, sorry!!!). I didn’t even touch Laurie’s cover for her next short story (sorry, darling!!). I set aside the marketing package that I’m working on for an upcoming anthology (sorry, ladies!!). I ignored my cats…kinda. They snuggled up on either side of me and fell asleep so really, they were ignoring me. How rude!

Anyways, on Laurie’s book club post, I tried to come up with a good way to express my pure joy for this novella to our friends. Everything that my fingers magically made appear in that little comment box needed to be put here instead. See below. *runs off now*

AHHHHH omg. Laurie!! Can you write more, please??? I seriously had the show playing in my head! (I’m totally not a Marshmallow. Not at all…)

^^^———And that, my friends, is Karan becoming a fangirl. Excuse me while I go hide.

Yeah. That was weird for me too. I’ll try to not let the fangirl out again. *Phew* Really though. If you’re even a mini Marshmallow, you need to read this. If you’ve seen one episode (ok, maybe two or three), you need to read this. Actually, you should probably have seen the first, oh, 19 episodes, because the novella is written into the timeline between episodes 19 and 20. Forget it. Just read the book. If you like the book, find the show online (I just checked Netflix, no such luck).

Because Laurie and I are friends and talk fairly regularly, she might not notice the small increase in my attention directed her way now. Soon though….soon she will and I’ll get this reaction…

Guys, I don’t even want to tell you about the story itself because if you’re a mega fan like yours truly, I’ll spoil a ton of stuff. So just read it! $1.99 on Amazon. And goodnight.

WAIT!!! Don’t go yet! If you’ve made it through my rambling and are still with me, the first three people to comment and tell me your favorite episode AND character in the Veronica Mars series, I’ll gift you a copy of Laurie’s novella. Now, goodnight.

<3 Karan