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Review: Plotting Mr. Perfect – S.E. BabinPlotting Mr. Perfect by S.E. Babin
Published by Liquid Silver on August 25, 2014
Genres: Romantic Comedy
Pages: 314

When a visualization exercise delivers an unexpected result, Katie is forced to question everything she believes, including her idea of the perfect man. Torn between two wildly different men, Katie must find an answer to the age-old question ... How do you know when the perfect man is really perfect? S.E. Babin delivers a laugh-out-loud tale where the perfect man is only a click away —or is he? 

The closest Katie has come to romance lately is arguing with her lawn-care-obsessed, handsome neighbor, Will. After a drunken girls’ night out with her best friends involving a visualization exercise for the perfect man and an instance of breaking and entering, Katie wakes up thankfully in her own bed with a massive hangover and her neighbor standing on her porch with a peace offering. 

But soon after, she gets another surprise in the form of a naked man in her driveway who proclaims he’s been created just for her. As antics and romantic gestures commence, Katie will begin to question herself about love and loyalty. How do you know when the perfect man is not really perfect? And when does Mr. Wrong begin to look like Mr. Right?

I absolutely adore Sheryl and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Her second book Plotting Mr. Perfect released today and we celebrated with a fun release day party on Facebook! Giveaways from Sheryl, Hello Precious Bliss and other authors are still open! Lots of great chats today and little focus on much else. 🙂 Head over to the event, read through our posts and get yourselves entered to win! All you really need to do is comment! I’ll be drawing my winners around midnight. Or sometime tomorrow morning should I actually fall asleep early for once! 🙂Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 7.06.00 PM

Now. Plotting Mr. Perfect. Wouldn’t we all love to be able to make a list of the perfect man and then that man appear? I won’t deny that want. BUT, what if your neighbor, who you’ve always avoided, is actually Mr. Perfect? Talk about a rough dilemma. I can’t tell you if I’d want to be in that situation or not!

As a kid, I LOVED the movie Weird Science (still do!) so when I read this little exchange between the main character, Katie, and one of her friends, I knew I HAD to
share it with you. Too funny!! Here’s another one…”Does it seem pervy that we’ve been staring at him so long?” “It’s only pervy if the person knows you’re staring.” Yeah…I’m pretty positive that Kyle and I have had a very similar conversation…a few times.

I could sit here and type quotes all night but that will turn into spoilers so I think you should just scurry on over and purchase the book yourself. We’re still waiting for Plotting Mr. Perfect to show himself on Amazon but you can swing over to Liquid Silver’s website and purchase there. They also have the first few pages up to read if you need even more convincing! (Look for the link that says “Excerpt”.)